Clash Of Clans | Red Elite vs 49er War Clan Recap (3 Star Th9/Th10)

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  1. hey ash check out our war.. we got tie score but win the game hehe tiebreaker.. total destruction.. hope u visit our clan.. (R)i[D]er .. take care ash.. by the way nice upload.. ^_^

  2. Sweet vid ash as usual, got a lot to catch up on so great too see your three star. Your channel deserves a lot of praise helped me loads especially with my gowiwi

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  4. loool arranged war with anti2 star th10's… Not very high levelled, is it.

  5. Wow, that was a beautiful attack by Morphis! Such a close war too…
    Just wondering, could I join your "clash with ash" clan eventually? I would love to join once I get my queen to 15+ if that's alright with you.

  6. Anyone looking for a clan ? reply and ill give you the name. Trying to build a war clan.

  7. Hey Ash great video man!!! Your channel helped me so much in my attacks dude!!! In our war we are in right now I 3 starred a resource ring style th10 base!!! It was my first time 3 starring a th10 base with golavaloon attack strategy! Keep up the good work!!! If u want i would be really happy if u can visit my clan and maybe just maybe put the replay in one of ur videos since i have pretty low lvl heroes for a th10 lvl 20 king and 17 Aq and i pulled off a 3 star attack!!! Thnx man and gj to u!

  8. Thanks Ash i love ur videos. i am a max th 10 and have other acc. th 9. And your videos help me on both accounts. thanks!

  9. Cool video, and awsome war!

  10. i got senr here by beakerslab and so far ur pretty good

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  12. Nice job on that 3 star raid Ash!

  13. Nope ash.. pat said that if u already 2 stars 50% and get 1 star 80% for the next attack.. it will count a 50% because its the best attack on that base,

  14. Congrats on your triple! ?….i believe that only the best attacks with highest % will add up, so doubled base at 50% will count and not the singled at 80%. Correct me if I'm wrong……great video again, by far my favorite youtuber. Cheers !

  15. Awesome recap ash love it!! Congrats on ur 3 star! It's definitely not easy to do vs maxed base! And last, yes every single bits count! U guys could hv won the war if u used all the attacks

  16. We faced 49er war clan twice, the clan is very organized and nice

  17. Nice attack Ash!

  18. Can You do a video about 
    How to arrange a clan war?? :)

  19. .@-2

  20. It is really hard to 3 star th10 my respects! Continue the vids it's really great clash of clan content!