Clash Of Clans | Red Elite vs. Medan 13-4 War Recap, Part 1 | HEARTBREAKER!!

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  1. Medan 13-4 is a straight Modding clan. We are currently facing them they have done 4 attacks of dropping one troop and then ending the attack. Ash you guys did awesome.

  2. my clan just got matched with Medan 13-4 good thing I saw this video and can see how they attack, will share with my clan, thanks ash.

  3. nice to know we aint the only war clan struggling at the min lol, nice video, love the details of each attack

  4. Perfect video Ash, very helpfull thanks a lot!

  5. Your welcome

  6. Preciate the dedication ash, I've learned a lot from watching your videos, keep up the solid work homie

  7. i am capitan king in fasahoo clan.pleas edit means of my map tnx ash

  8. Good game ashlain, my clanmates really enjoy this clan wars with you guys….

  9. cool video, but what's up with your mic?

  10. Microphone sound is much better this way! I met a simalar base to the first base in the attack in my last war, I pulled off a big 3 star :)

  11. We are recruiting th9s and 10s
    Clan name ClashTryNots wins 219
    Requirements for th9: both heros need to be 15+
    Requirements for th10: both hero need to be over 25+

  12. Hey Ash, great recap! Just wanna let you know the base that you hit against, no.10, you could actually use The Lion Roar's AQ Walk Split Heroes Mass Witch. By the time those witches and skellies reach the single inferno, you'd probably have the 3-stars in the bag. Check out some of my war recaps, especially the earlier ones at ITL. Cheers, man.

  13. I actually love golaloon :D

  14. hee ash enjoy your videos, keep it up. could you make a video for indepth gowipe th10 with 3 gollems and 1 jump with mid level heroes (25). would enjoy That. i dont like attacks with 5+gollems and multiple jump. thanks

  15. 3 stars hog attack, that was awesome…

  16. Hey Ash, its me again. I LOVED this video, i cant wait for part 2. It was a really good idea to make two detaled videos insted of one vague video, that was smart and i lile your attention to detale. Hope you win the next war, i know it is tough loosing four in a row but it was close. You'll get 'em next time though. See ya later Ash!

  17. wowww awesome vids and attack….. thumbs up ash.

  18. Absolutely amazing ! Absolutely eye opener ash!!! Absolutely love it !!!! Can I like this video 5 times lol

  19. Great job for war, impressive clan and attacks!! Looking forward to your next vid Ash!!!! ;-)

  20. I've been subbed for a while now and my favorite thing on this channel is the war recaps, glad to see you brought them back.