Clash of Clans: “ROAD TO MAX WALLS!” Ep.3 9 Million loot farmed! w/ Face Cam!

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  1. Yoow kerel, hoe heet die clan? Is dat gwn YouTubeGamingFeed? Of

  2. Lvl 10 :D

  3. Nice! 

  4. Ey gast ga jij die muren lvl 10 maken? Ik heb al mijn verdediging max maar
    ik ga denk mijn muren lvl9 maken 10 is me te duur.

  5. Nice video/serie! Maar vanaf welk level muur kan je ze ook met elixer

  6. Haha nice video man, when you was dropping the poison spell on the balloons
    I was like dude no it barly affects them lol, good job on the raiding ?

  7. Goeimorgen

  8. Hey ZwiZz can you get a green screen? The face cam looks weird with the
    fade effect. Great video though! 

  9. Mogguh

  10. U should make a how to build the farming base u have keep clashing bro?

  11. Amazing video <3

  12. First comment

  13. Second comment

  14. Hey zwizz