Clash Of Clans | “ROAD TO TITAN’S LEAGUE EP.2 | Epic Defence Wins + Live Attacking!

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  1. Havoc where is the twitch stream you had the most recent one. Are you not posting the stream?

  2. Havoc where's the latest twitch stream? Are you posting it? The one was few days ago….

  3. Awesome Video HaVoc I love your fails in vids ??

  4. awesome video, I have a request may you please make A TH6 Hybrid vase please?

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  6. And yeah and yeah and yeah and yeah and yeah and yeah and yeah

  7. wild berry skittles

  8. intro song???

  9. Stop saying, "and yea". 

  10. Havoc can u make town hall 8 bases ???????

  11. Nice episode HaVoC!!

  12. And yeah…………..

  13. Love you Havoc<3 BTW Heyyyy :DD

  14. i wanna buy on of your bases for 50 on paypal if you say yes tell me your skype so we can talk in private

  15. Feels so good to be under the 301 club

  16. Whats the intro song??

  17. Elisa Hembree thank you 

  18. Clash Of Clans 303 i will sub to you

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  20. y did u copy chief pats thumbnail. i tought it was him thats y i clicked on the video.