Clash of Clans | SECRET TOWN HALL LEVEL | Town Hall 8.5 War Strategy

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  1. New clash account hype! :)

  2. I was in that war. Hehe :3

  3. I don’t see why TH8.5 is any good when you have better defense options in
    TH9. It just doesn’t make sense to me why you wouldn’t upgrade everything
    instead of just offense.

  4. What do you guys think of this war strategy?

  5. Secret my ass 

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  7. Most people who practice town hall 8.5 only neglect the new defenses until
    they get their queen up to 10 and get some key war troops up like loons,
    hogs, golem, etc. While it does provide an advantage in war if you have
    four or five th8.5’s that ate matched against th8’s that they can easily
    3-star but the th8’s will have a hard time doing the same (since it’s a max
    th8 with a queen), this isn’t just good for war, it has farming benefits as

    Apart from 6 million and above for each troop upgrade, you also have six
    dark drill upgrades (counting both drills), a dark storage upgrade, and
    four dark barracks upgrades (counting both dark barracks). If you don’t
    start getting and upgrading new defenses straightaway, it will be easier to
    finish those elixir upgrades as soon as possible if you dont have to worry
    about getting gold, so you’ll end up with level 6 drills within a short
    time instead of staying with the slow level 3 drills, saving more time with
    hero uogrades. Not to mention you’ll also be able to use GoWiWi or
    LavaLoonion much sooner. Since you won’t need gold for any defenses, any
    gold you end up gaining will go toward getting your walls up to 9.

  8. This doesn’t work anymore. Heroes and walls are added into the war
    matchmaking. Read the forums Cam.

  9. I’m th10 with Max troops but th3 defenses what to you call that


  11. I thought the fastest way to get “free” gems, was rich parents?

  12. Personally I think that town hall 8.5 is stupid. All you’ll have is a town
    hall 8 base with th 9 troops. You can’t save up loot because with only town
    hall 8 defenses you’ll get butt fucked by other town hall 9’s and town hall
    8’s can attack ur base because ur basically just a town hall 8

  13. Create a new clan with the new account! A war clan called BarbariaNPalace
    would make me (and alot of other people) extremely happy. If you noticed
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  17. There’s th 8.5 and 9.5. What about th 10.5??

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  19. This idea sucks lol well since the update with poison spells and stuff 

  20. Should I gowipe with lvl 1 PEKKA or should I wait for it to be upgraded to
    lvl 3 (sorry for the bad english)

  21. This is fucking retarded… “Go to th9 but neglect upgrading defences” why?
    This is a shitty video/idea… 

  22. 0:41 look at number 11 the name


  23. I don’t understand the point, what is the advantage here? Why not just
    upgrade your defence normally?

  24. This is fucking useless

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