Clash Of Clans | SHOULD YOU RUSH TO TOWN HALL 11?!?! (LONG) UPDATE CHAT w/ Tait and Joy

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  1. So about those sneak peeks…

  2. These chats are really interesting and nice to have. Especially now because everything is still speculation and people aren't sure what we can aspect this patch. like it!
    Keeping the Clash community fresh and alive!

  3. Nice interview Ash, most ppl play Clash after friends/relatives introduced it to them, haha

  4. I would LOVE to have a sit-down drinking night with Ash, Tait, and Joy!
    Raid, YES! Absolutely! 

    Grizzly Bear over Mountain lion.
    Pizza for life.
    Mashed potatoes for my side 🙂
    Speak in a cajun accent. I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE glitter…
    Can't clash with 15" fingers.. Can't bowl with 15" toes… gaaaah. I guess I can learn to walk and figure it out. Toes..

    Question for you about rushing. I recently went to TH10. I have done 3 lab upgrades, 4th is going. All my new traps/bombs are built and upgraded. My heroes are 25/23 BK/AQ. Should I sit and max heroes to 40/40 while grinding out the lab and upgrading my TH9 defenses? Should I build the new archer tower / cannon? Should I ever build my infernos?

  5. I dont know if anyone agrees with me on this but i would like 10 or something like that more walls for th9 lol

  6. Another Great interview, Ash. As always, but of luck to you and your bro my man!

  7. lol paying attention to this Ash, i see you biting your tongue on a lot of the questions to not spoil anything you're not supposed to give away 😛 Its kinda funny

  8. I think Joy will BOOST your ratings!

  9. Thanks Ash, Tait and Joy for a great video! Keep it coming!

  10. I made it, great content! Ill drink to that.

  11. really good discussion – special regards to tait !

  12. Tait, your a genius!

  13. I'm going to watch the whole thing!

  14. Great content and discussion! Yes, I listened to it all. I'm glad you addressed one of my personal concerns/questions: should I become a 9.5.5 and go to 11 from a high 9 where I currently am. I have to think SuperCell will release more to balance the game and make this release just as exciting for non-TH10 players. What that will be, I'm not sure. (new troop, defense, game play, micro-leveling?) Otherwise, we'll see an influx of rushed bases. That or I predict players feeling bored and lose interest sooner than they otherwise would have. We'll just wait and see I guess. Keep it up!

  15. Nice job guys with interview.

  16. Awesome Podcast. I love hearing from you and the One hive guys too! Keep up the good work!

  17. as always, an interesting discussion, your workshop vids would be great to see

  18. is it weird that i watched the whole thing ??

  19. Hey Ash I know this has been a hot topic but as a Th9 who is poor folk in real life I have constantly kept my heroes upgrading and it is very annoying not to use them in wars. Honestly no matter what gets added to the game I'd be happy if that gets added. Even if by the time they do it my heroes are maxed. I'd still be happy for everyone else. I'm rushing them to max asap so I can finally have fun in wars which is what I care about most.

  20. shes definitely in the air. ??