Clash of Clans | SICK GoWiWi + GoWiPe + 3 Jump Spells Attacks – Arranged War

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  1. the zap quake isn't working for me that well as it did a few weeks ago. Do you know why Gadihh?

  2. Bro it's your channel. Post what you want. F the haters. Good luck in life brother.

  3. hahahaha savage sloots

  4. we'll pray for you gadi everythings gonna be allright

  5. And for feedback, many of the Tubers have gone to 80-90% CR content. I know you stick to 80-20, which is pretty good for us non-CR players. Plus the quality of your content Gadi is really superb. I think a couple things are just an annoyance for the harder core CoC crowd – 1. many Tubers have gone to almost all CR content and not balancing their content well 2. Its mixed in the same channel without notice – perhaps CR and CoC should be labelled better in description or even have different channels, well organized and separated? Thanks Gadi,

  6. Dude we missed you, hope you're doing well. Cheers bud, chin up

  7. ur voice sucks

  8. the reason these r effective now is because of the way base building is now, right?

  9. I'd like to thank gadi for the tutorial, my mom, my dog, and my hot neighbour for making the last attack possible ;)

  10. thumbz up for not passing the test

  11. Can you Start Guides for Th 10 ? I am try Tor get a better war fighter:) & Need help ?

  12. 2 stars win wars

  13. like 1