Clash of Clans Sneak Peak #1 – CLAN GAMES (Olympics?) | New CoC Game Mode?! Winter Update 2017

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  15. Clan games like quests.Exept everyone have to do different things and clan will improve.NOTE:Doesn't depend on clan level can played on any clan

  16. Is supercell thinking something like clan war leagues like CWL like in which clans will compete together like 8-30 clans competing and the season will fo on for days something like the footballs leagues. I dont know what the update will be but if supercell is planning for something like this it will be super cool. Many clans participating together and the winning clans gets xp loots and other claims according to position. It will be super cool for something like this as all the big games in history have moved to open online gaming leagues whether it be counter strike in pc gaming we can take them as example it is a very huge different way in which clash of clan can be moved to. These are all just my views I hope supercell is bringing this update and even if it is not please discuss with your friends and your colleagues if supercell can make this thing possible it will be super cool.

  17. Finally a big update. I mean like compared to clash royal clash of clans is not getting good updates these days. But, this update will get coc to the top i think

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  21. This is fake. If they upload sneak peaks it’s on YouTube. What’s the source?

  22. I hope army Champs level 9 comes

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  24. I bet it will come when Clash-A-Rama! Season Two comes out.

  25. Quests are coming guys, QUESTS. It starts with a Q like the admin says

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  28. I think coc needs to change the textures and graphics that will be cool

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  31. maybe its clan wars from builder base?

  32. Is gonna 3 of 4 sneak peeks i think

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