Clash Of Clans | Sneak Peek 1 Lightning lvl 7 COMPARISON

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  1. Am I the only one that noticed that barracks must have way more hit points? no? Ok

  2. So 2x lightning and 1x quake on AD??

  3. Is it time for a new dark troop!?

  4. hello daddy

  5. Yet another update video in my sub box

  6. Hey daddy can you please make a video telling us THE EXACT time the update starts so we can get the most out of golden hour as possible? awesome job on the vids btw <3 ;)

  7. they were def drunk ?

  8. nice vid daddy :)

  9. Yay, my air defenses will get two-shotted by this spell…

  10. Just checked out all the new sneak peek vids and Daddy's is by far the best ?

  11. Nice work Daddy keep up the great work, first upload about this update from any YouTuber!! You deserve more views!

  12. So excited for this

  13. Yay sneak peeks!

  14. Can you give a link to the forum thread?

  15. YEAaaaaaaaH!!! Zap zap!

  16. what is the point of this we are still going to have hounds and drags and loons still in the ccs and it wont kill them .

  17. sup daddy

  18. how bout for th7?

  19. No more Zapping Dark in the last update so supercell decide to Upgrade the lighting spell even higher … Hmmm what will you use this max spell for? I would possibly use it with air attacks! Nice video Daddy!

  20. 2nd