Clash Of Clans Sneak Peek – Change YOUR name in Clash of Clans!!!

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  1. Hey Daddy, just letting you know my clan Durban Kings has been matched up
    to war against your clan. Just wanted to wish you luck and all the best

  2. I’m hoping it’ll be like steam, where it shows their name but it also shows
    the names they previously used. That means people can’t inflitrate wars and
    ruin clans.


  4. This is awesome! I’ll be able to change it to my YouTube channel name! Im
    looking forward to this update! 😀 

  5. Confirm name change?

    Cost: 10 000 Gems

  6. NOW I DONT HAVE TO BE YoloSwag420!!!! YEESSS!!!!

  7. Doesn’t come up for me

  8. It better be for free or cheap, not like 2000 gems needed, cuz i cant be
    bothered sniping to champion

  9. my Clash of clans name is KakkaPylly

  10. Yessssss! I always wanted this, because my name is “(&)……(&)” which is
    not a nice name.

  11. Let the chaos ensue….

  12. well it’s about frickin time supercell, why had it been an issue to begin

  13. well its gonna get confusing trying to guess who is who if they dont put
    the previous name

  14. They need to make it so that you can only change it once a week to stop


  16. Ny name is XxPussySlayerxX on coc, I cant wait to change it…

  17. Short but powerful ;)

  18. Please read this, Daddy 😛 My expections
    It would be great if they did it so it costs about 250 gems:)
    That would do so people dont change their name all the time, or try to get
    in to the opponents clan in clan wars. An other option is to do so you can
    only change your name once every couple months or so, but that would be bad
    for people letting their friends playing on their coc, and then their
    friend changes their name to anything else…

    Therefore, I hope that changing your name will cost a bit of your gems :D

  19. It’s official guys it’s on coc’s twitter page 

  20. Yeah right about FREAKING TIME SUPERCELL !!
    “We’ve heard you loud and clear”… Oh I think you heard us more than just
    that, I think you heard us for AGES !

  21. My name’s Pater Pugnorum. Now I can finally correct that grammar mistake!

  22. 100th like 😀 yo welcome

  23. omg!!

  24. This sounds bad. I hope it costs like 500 gems so people don’t Annoy others