Clash of Clans – SNEAK PEEK! Clone Spell! Gameplay and Strategy (May 2016 Update)

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  1. When someone uses the clone spell to attack when the clone dies does it drop the grave for the defender to collect

  2. What is the title of the intro?

  3. ASH has chance of supercell put this new spell in the clash Royale?

  4. What's ur intro tho? damn bass man! seious answers :)

  5. wow great strategy ash:)

  6. Can you clone the archer queen,King,or grand warden

  7. Ash a tip with queen walks place the healers in the direction you want your queen to move, then they wont move at the beggining and thats when your queen in under most fire

  8. how do you have the stuff before its out !?!?

  9. what the hell about townhall 9 !?!?!? everything is th10,11 these updates -.-

  10. wow

  11. +Ash – Clash Of Clans & Clash Royale please make a video for the Prince Strategy for Arena 4,5,6

  12. It looks underpowered to me….

  13. Clash update comes out, 4 videos about the clone spell comes out….

  14. Where do u get this spell action from?

  15. Ash, I noticed you're attacking someone from your clan, it must be the next update

  16. Ice wizard deck please

  17. WHAT WHAAAT?!!

  18. ash do you know what new troop will be coming out?

  19. wizard tower is shooting fire at 1:49


  21. How to you get this update now?

  22. Can you clone spells

  23. when is the update please respond anyone lol