Clash of Clans Sneak Peeks and New Skeleton Spell!

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  1. can the skeletons spawned from the spell trigger giant bombs? they would be SO op if they could… :p

  2. I'm so happy the developers finally work with Jake

  3. Is it just me or are we seeing a new level to army barracks? Jake what is going on there you clearly have a new level of barracks what is the new troop?

  4. close to 40K gems, damn

  5. Holy shit how are you maxed th10 already?! That takes years to do. And how is the look at 123 trohpies?!

  6. So glad they are finally letting you in the loop some man.. lol it's been a long time coming! Keep up the good work bro

  7. Jake, your base pretends to be symmetric but it isn't. And that's hurting my eyes.

    EDIT: Wait this isn't your base, is it?

  8. if skeleton spell can lure cc thats fuckin stupid

  9. Jake, so proud man! You finally have access to this stuff, now I can Watch you for everything, instead of having to go to Galadon for update vids

  10. very nice of you to pop bubbles for the dev.

  11. finally :)

  12. The only problem i see with the cooldown is that if i want to make changes to my base and see how it fairs i have to wait 24 hours to test out the changes. I rather it be disabled during war day for all clan members instead, because it prevents real progress when trying to make one's base stronger if you have to wait 24 hours

  13. Lv60??? Max base

  14. the main function of this spell is gna be to lure the enemy cc

  15. I'd love to have a friendly challange cool down meaning u can only use a base for challange that has been previously made 48hrs in the past. That way no one can build a war base from opponents clan and sandbox it.

  16. we finally will not be forced to pop the queen's ability when a Pekka comes out from the CC doing a queen walk. 🙂 Drop the skellie trap and distract the pekka when he is in front of the queen.

  17. jake can these skeletons produced by spell trigger bombs please reply

  18. You could also use the skeletons to take out defenses that are distracted

  19. Hey,Nice Video…….Can u all guys give 1 min and look to my chanel

  20. i notice your level 60…. you really dont farm

  21. Skeleton spell will be used for clearing giant bomb spots

  22. when is the update dropping?

  23. Perhaps we could use it like a troop to take down defenses that are fully tanked for (especially with many raids ending with golems or heroes beating down a wall to reach the final compartment) … Or maybe it could be used on cleanup when we sometimes need something to take down interior buildings?

  24. 🙁 not liking the spell. I thought of it though.

  25. I kind of like how quickly SC reacts towards the fair play concern. At least they listen. Good job SC

  26. a dedicated war players input is much needed at supercell. Im tired of seeing the game focused around pansy farmers and pushers! gj jake! hopefully they can implement attacking war bases after war has ended like you suggested, that would be perfect.

  27. 24hr cooldown on friendly base attacks makes a ton of sense. thanks for looking out for us Jake!

  28. I cant tell apart the level 6 from the level 7 balloon. they should make the level 7 balloon white with gold skull to match the th11 theme.
    imagine getting smashed by a sea of white n gold ballons.
    that would be so sick!

  29. anyone notice the different look if the barracks?

  30. lol i thought you were a starting th10?

  31. one skeleton spell can get a potential double giant bomb…
    wow thats broken.

  32. was it just me or did the barracks look different

  33. I hope they introduce a Zap spell that wud be a gud balance to this gamme….

  34. This makes total sense now. It almost seems like they were planning to release the skeleton spell when they stopped skeletons from triggering traps!

  35. cant believe what my tired eyes see here. jake on a developer account. thats awesome that sc finally lets war guys like u and pb have first hand footage of new stuff

  36. The skeleton spell doesn't pop giant bombs right?

  37. A 24hr cooldown?? The whole point of the new system is be able to PRACTICE attacks. You think ONE attack a day is practice lol?? That's like saying they are going to let you practice basketball and giving you one shot, then saying that's it for the day. Come on man. All they need to do is to NOT ALLOW IT DURING WAR. If you are warring, you don't need to worry about practicing attacks or looking for something to do.

  38. I fully agree with the 24 hr cooldown. but this idea deters casual players from having a good time with friends also.

  39. R.I.P. th9, thank you sc, just take a big point for defending qc/qw, worst thing in update

  40. skeletons spring teslas, that will give people a way better idea of where giant bombs are

  41. About sandboxing… What if we make the war and regular layout ever so slightly different? Say war layout has 25 more walls. Yes you cannot fully test it out but enemy cannot practice it either. This leaves war alone and let everyone enjoy friendly challenge for fun, practice, YouTube, streaming etc. as intended.

  42. You do know what happens when you post your war log, yes? Think about it for a second. The info that it gives out. Any half serious war clan would be foolish to give that away.

  43. Yeah man that's dev. app jake part of SC promotions now. jeez man SC sucks. all they want is money. they're just just doing things to keep interesting and grap some more money. They made the game a total mess

  44. if they do a cool down it will ruin the point of friendly patches u can only battle once a day that's so shit it's not fair on the majority of people who just want to have fun with their friends

  45. Will the skeleton spell be able to target storages????????


  47. the regular barrack are different, possible new troop?

  48. About time you got some well deserved recognition from SC. Guess theY finally realized you can actually test the game correctly when you have people that know how to actually play the game. Looking forward to your upcoming video updates. Keep the awesome work dude!