Clash of Clans – Stoned GoHo 3 Star TH9 Attack Strategy | Live War Attacks!

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  1. Keep up the good work!

  2. Guys sub to my and I sub to you

  3. the 2nd base does have 4 exposed air defenses , would you attack it with lava loonian? or is there a specific reason not to

  4. like your guides ash but those lvl 25 heros will make a goho very easy, most th9s have a lot lowers heros to work with. think a guide for low heros would be great from you, not for me i have lvl 25 heros

  5. Hi Ash, I thought About a Idea for the GW, What if he had a Second Ability that Heals All troops In the radius (Even if infernos are locked on) to full health, I feel like it will benefit Farmers More. Heroes get 75% of thier health Back. Of course we can only use 1 ability. What do you think?:)

  6. Great vid Ash!! Keep them coming.

  7. Great vid Ash!! Keep them coming.

  8. keep going man!! .I like it

  9. keep going man!! .I like it

  10. Lol u forgot ur poison at ur second att

  11. I found à glitch whit à golem

  12. forgot me ash?
    i want to join altar of war
    im th9
    plz check my replies on ur fb page
    im in altar of trails right now
    keep ur vids up im enjoying ur townhall 9 pushing seriers

  13. great job, but i think,with baloons will go easier

  14. ash i hv been asking u for th8 strategy.. :(

  15. nice!

  16. Do attacks with anti 3 star bases because i dont find those easyy ass bases no more in wars, always anti 3 star

  17. awsome

  18. Good luck!