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  1. invincible is here doing air, but he tries to learn everything and works on stuff all the time in fc. he's a very dedicated Clasher.

  2. the bo(ner) attack gets deep in the base

  3. 2:59 this taktik is named "stoned hobo" stoned hogs bowler

  4. On the first attack he missed the BK ability so THERE. Imperfect attack

  5. I hope you not quitting coc like jack.. Keep makng videos ash ???

  6. So basically it's a lava hound vs a golem

  7. i like Golaloon more

  8. i like Golaloon more

  9. I have videos on these :D

  10. I have better luck with stoned goho but thats me 🙂 I see others do really well with gobaloon though but totally depends on base too 🙂 Great video Ash thank you :)

  11. awesome video keep up I need to see more strategies! from u

  12. i love stoned goho and being successful for a month

  13. Lol does anyone else here ash say "boner attack" at 3:26 and again at 3:40

  14. Hey Ash! I am from India and I watch your videos regularly.
    Here is a sincere feedback for you…
    It would be really appreciated that you regularly post videos involving attack strategies and war/farming base building, instead of other genres of videos.
    Thats because clashers like me come on YouTube to learn something worthwhile about CoC and not simply for entertainment.
    Its merely a request. Not meant to offend anyone.
    I will still remain your active subscriber :)

  15. due you have replays of attacks on better war bases?

  16. Whats the difference between Haste and rage spell?

  17. Goho seems cool but I like invicible

  18. Love the air attacks! Which our th10s would give bowlers but between time diff and stinginess they are simply not available.

  19. my clan loves govalho and drg atcks

  20. come and support n subscribe to my channel

  21. Hey ash

  22. Both are equally skilled bc both have their tricks to own and be able to attack with them constantly and get 3 stars almost all the time, thus I like both attackers equally but for me I prefer HBHG

  23. Dude its bowler not boner!!!!

  24. I like both …its depends on the village …

  25. Dragon Warrior !!!! ❤️

  26. But this isnt a th9 attack really cause u using bowlers!!!!

  27. Thumbnail is sick, and video was very helpful. Awesome.

  28. I love coc any tips for a th10 with lv25 and lv23 heroes trying to push to legends?

  29. um good video however sucks when everything has bowlers, which no one in my clan have….

  30. 40th


  32. im not in a clan

  33. let's be real : nobody gives a shit about clash of clans anymore

  34. 2:02 um king ability lol

  35. I'm amazed at invincible iNDs attack it was great, loved it he made it seem so easy and flawless would love too see more!

  36. This game is clash of clans,feel old yet?

  37. hey ash i have a question for you, i dont think you would know, but do u know what clan NeetStreet is in now? hes not in SaidSheWaslvl18… P.S. i thoght invincible was better :)

  38. Golaloon is Better i think

  39. I prefer air right now, since the valks buff happened a bit back, seems like more xbows are set to ground, less people properly place and protect their ads, so air for the meta now

  40. I would like to present you "the best deck in the world"

  41. Clash with ash i am a level 9 in 3400 with underleved tourney cap cards

  42. Nice video :D

  43. I'm early reply people