Clash of Clans – Stop your GOLEMS walking around

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  1. Check out our clans Youtube channel! Lots of war attacks!
    Town halls 4/5/6/7 can join us – #PQQQV2V2  
    Level 5 war clan – two wars a week.
    Global clan with members from all around the world!
    Up The Imps!

  2. Thank you most helpful ?

  3. 23$ FTW!

  4. I cant say thank you enough for this video. I 2 star almost every village with this setup. Notice how I said "Almost". Thank you Spencer23$

  5. @spencer23$
    Lol, every time you say pekka, with your accent you're saying pecker. When you replace pekka with pecker in the context you say it, sometimes things sound funnier than they ought to. XD

  6. Awesome vid!!!

  7. Hi Spencer, I'm a big fan of yours
    what I would love to see is a clash between the 2 biggest familys in CoC, namely the Quantum family and the LP family, and yes I'm from the enemy
    I know you cant chose your opponent in CW but you can help it a bit by f.e. searching on the same moment …
    Keep the good work up! (PS English is not my first language as you probably noticed)

  8. you sir are very clever!

  9. Great video Spencer.  Thanks for letting me in LP the other day.  Had a fun time.  Maybe I can do a war with you guys soon.  Keep up the great work :)

  10. Okay crap 0 dislikes

  11. Hey spencer wassup….i have an insane close attack with the invisble ammount oh health left on the dragon but still 3 star…make sure pls u check me 8utout..or dome with your low account lost phoenix…username -yj139..and clan name sachin10..only 1 in the need of d tag..pls pls come visit

  12. I was getting worried during that three day delay. Very glad to see the vids back on schedule. Not many other clashers are as original and knowledgeable as you +Spencer23$ – Clash Of Clans .

  13. NOOOOOO! I'm 7 for 7 on defense and now this! I'm surely to lose now ha-ha! Love your video's Spencer and can't wait for more : )! Send everyone!

  14. Shrek plays Clash of Clans?

  15. hello spencer
    i am now a lvl 88 th8 almost max expect for walls (153 lvl 8) and my valkyries are only lvl1. is there a lp clan i could join?

  16. How could I join an LP clan and what sort of commitment would u expect? 24hr playing? 2-3 15 min sessions per day? I am a th8, almost max, thinking of joining lp6 something

  17. Hey spencer your vids are awesome!! I'm pushing to masters lately can you do a th8 trophy base speedbuild plz?? Apreciate it if you do! :)

  18. What about a video imitating Peter17$ and gembox stuff? Comedies help lol.

  19. Great vid… ?

  20. Hello spencer, I was wondering if you could do a mid level attack stategy that you can use in war.
    By the way you got a new subscriber!!!!
    Love ya videos!