Clash of Clans Subscriber Base Review #26 – Town Hall 6 – Defensive Strategy

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  1. I signed up for that shit base review site but it wouldn’t let me put the
    info so flammy review me my clan is Royal Guardians or type #L9UYOPQQ, my
    name is Mr Panda I’m leader and I’m in gold league and I’m a th8 

  2. How the hek do u get dark elixir when you got a levle 6 town hall

  3. i like this base!!!it works!

  4. Clan barbarian tribe name Joseph just upgraded to th7

  5. Town hall outside walls works best alway. Get caught with loot while having
    it inside amd ur done

  6. Town hall 4 please 🙂 

  7. Name: xWiize
    Clan : dragoneers
    Lvl: 68
    Th: 8

  8. Clan: ComplexDamage
    Name: King Matt

    CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!


  9. do mine, im In yes In

  10. Hey Flammy, it would be awesome if you could review my base. TH:7,
    Name:Shaolin Warrior Clan: Freedom Formula. Thanks!

  11. clan is StrategicMonkey or Magic Mushrooms

  12. Clan: sand devils Jr name: jonathan Acosta

  13. Name: castle fortress
    Clan: best of suomi
    Th lvl: 7
    Yeah im kinda rushed

  14. Name # tag YOLO kid
    Clan the Spartans 

  15. clan: LSU
    Name: zAcedOut

  16. Clan: The A Team
    Name: Dwarin

  17. Please check out mine and put it in one of your videos, I appreciate it
    Clan: 50 diamond cape
    Name: Josh (I`m co leader)

  18. join mijn clan DutchOwners my name is PwningKazik

  19. Clan: Sea pigs
    Name: :EpicMan17:

  20. Please town hall level 7

  21. Clan Chomy Pigletz Name Philipv39 it should be the top clan 

  22. I do*

  23. Welokers base is from notewothy games bases flammy is wrong it’s base is

  24. name# sebas
    clan true warriors