Clash of Clans – Team Galadon V’s Team Dollars (CLAN WARS!) pt 1

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  1. Hey spencer 23$! Love your vids! trying to do an interclan war with our clan as well; does the clan level have to be the same to ensure we match??

  2. Once again nice video spence!

  3. How did you guys get paired up in clan wars

  4. ?Ever Wanted To Be Part Of An Clan That Has A Youtuber!???Well Now You Can! Join Lethal Myst Today For This Experience??We War 24/7! Any Lvl 20+! Use Both Attacks In War! Be Active!? 

  5. Do you like galadon? Because galadon likes you spencer

  6. Do you do something to actually get to verse these clans or do you just do it by luck pls answer

  7. Is it possible to match the same clan back to back war? If yes, maybe this should be a best out of 3 wars or something :D

  8. How did you set this war up?

  9. u gained about 20k in 3weeks 0.0

  10. Who has the number one spot from both clans

  11. Hey spencer can you make a video about when to go to town hall 9 from 8 idk if I should upgrade yet 

  12. Your intro sounds like 2 robots having bad sex :/

  13. Hey spencer, which clan of yours can I join (th 9 kind of premature)

  14. Please do some th7 attack stragedies or base layouts

  15. go team dollars :D

  16. hope spencer wins!!!

  17. Team $$$$

  18. Hey spenc I was wondering if I could join one of your clans because it would be fun and I like the clan battles you do I am a townhall 7 my username is darkmars and I am in silver one haven't started trophy pushing yet

  19. Hey guys subscribe me please, I made more awesome raid hope u enjoy it