Clash of Clans – Team Galadon V’s Team Dollars THE RESULTS!

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  1. how old is this guy

  2. great war guys. I love when my clan has wars that end like this.

  3. Morris twins!! Haha.. no? Oh… Im australian so yeah..

  4. sick raids

  5. Spencer, Gambit is from which country???

  6. I know exactly what happened here.

  7. Join my clan the "Predicters" , the only clan with that name .

  8. Definitely earninf a new sub 

  9. Gambit he is my cousin

  10. U say you will never show your first war attack. The intro shows u attacking natethegreat, from LP2 Ares. 95% 2 star with an almost-dead golem and half-health witch against a 11 cannon. Did you put that on purpose?

  11. I loved this video! The war was so intense I was fidgeting so much. It would've been funny if Lost Phoenix won at the last second.

  12. Wow what a great video

  13. Have a feeder clan I could join I'm town hall 7 and I subbed

  14. galadon is an old fat fuck

  15. FYI I've never watched ur channel these r my first vids by u

  16. Sooooo bored

  17. I've seen one of your members in my Global 🙂 They're nice! :P

  18. Glider clash god

  19. His mispronunciation of 'failtage' is making me cringe.