Clash of Clans | TH 10 Trap War Base – A New Way to Troll (Speed Build)

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  1. Can you pls upload a video where u make the trolling base on th 6

  2. i thought it said Sook loot

  3. hey cam…when will you release the th8 version of your base, and also the
    th8 noob trolling base???

  4. Cam has 160,000 subs right now (saying this so when he has a lot, people
    can look back at this)

  5. Like if you thought it said “SOOK” loot xD

  6. I tried to join your clan Barbarianparty but it was full, i am crystal2 th8
    and i don’t surpose u could make a bit of space.
    BTW I just subscribed

  7. Sook Loot?

  8. Lmao epic can’t wait till the fail montage !!!!

  9. Yaaaay, I’m in the 301 club!!!! 😀 lol

  10. ur loot bonus is higher than that, im thinking 650-700

  11. No replays?

  12. Cam no videos for 5 days 🙁 what happened? 

  13. LOLOLOL HAHAHA that troll at 2:91

  14. Can’t wait for the second part to this video.

  15. Cam first off yo mamas so fat infernos cant kill her

    Also u have $860.00 dollars with the giveaway funds so can i ask a favor no
    dont give me $100 of it but donate $430.00 or it to charity because dont u
    think they need it more than spending it on in-game currency i dont mean to
    offend anyone but id rather have you do that

  16. will u plz do more footage of the ‘purge’ u do. its really funny :D

  17. Hey Cam, you really inspired me to start a channel and I’m starting tons of
    series with daily uploads now! Thanks for the amazing inspiration man!!!
    Clash on man!!!

  18. There is a member in the clan called “gay” ? The fuck.

  19. Why does it say sook loot?

  20. I know its hard to believe, but ive been here since 200 subs

  21. Lol I thought it said sook loot for most of the vid. Ha ha ha!

  22. That guys name is gay lol

  23. could you please post a video of this in action? really wanna see it but
    only have th 8…

  24. The whole vid i thought it said “sook loot” the at the end i finally
    figured it out lol