Clash of Clans | TH 8 BEST UPGRADING STRATEGY | TH 8 Farming

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  1. 3 more days!

  2. Those gems, cam are you going over to the dark side?

  3. Is it just me or does it feel like the higher u upgrade your king the
    stupider he gets

  4. Gonna build the TH 8 anti-dragon base tonight :)

  5. Game suggestions? :)

  6. Hey cam what’s with the lack of uploads?

  7. You gotta play fnaf2 wayy better 

  8. All my loot comes from barching dead bases. Someone on global the other day
    said this shows lack of skill. Is he right?

  9. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy TH 8!!!! and YYYYYAAAAAAAASSS TH ANTI DRAGON THANKS

  10. 7:37 Look at his gems and hes a non-gemer? 0.o

  11. god his other channel is gonna thrive by time this one fizzles
    out………….clash of clans can only last so long

  12. I like your vids but your commentary seems super fake, as if its scripted

  13. cam, please do a th8 farming base

  14. Play fnaf 3 its AWESOME!!!

  15. Can you make a
    “What To Upgrade First Th8” to help some of the new TH8’s? Please 

  16. What’s the name of ur new channel

  17. Gaming with Cam should be the name!!!

  18. If the tesla is a trap why does it count as a percent xD

  19. Join our clan!

    Clan name: Surgical

    Leader Username: Call Me Ray

    Banner: Blue and black checkered


    We are a clan focused on building a strong community and winning in wars
    through strategy. We only accept people town hall 6 or up, please come
    check us out! If you are interested, apply to join!

  20. What software do you use to record your COC videos?

  21. Can I join ur clan can u da best

  22. 1:31 did anyone see the screwed up archer walking into the wall

  23. Cam how did you upgrade so fast?

  24. I downloaded the gemapp, but couldn’t find anywhere to type in your invite
    code sry :/