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  1. Can someone plz tell me why none top players aren't pushing with AQ Walk LaLoon,are they not skilled enough or something?

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  3. this guy is fake

  4. 24,000 Viewer lol

  5. beak is a legend

  6. All out xD

  7. can you do a early th6 base all 3?

  8. Guys I've been pushing Masters 3 rn and I've Been trying to get to champs I'm been using gowipe but it takes a lot of time and it takes a lot of my de are there any strageties I can use that can atleast get me a 1 star (max th8)

  9. Join my clan its called Clash Of Boom and my name is eazy e

  10. Great videos man, I'm looking for ideas with a king lvl 15 and queen lvl 18. I got maxed troops but low level heroes. I'm one of the top guys in our clan and just looking to help 2-3 start the other top bases. I appreciate it.

  11. The best Way to get Gems for Clash Of Clans is to Go to and Download it on your phone and download the apps. I did it for a hour and got 10$ Also there isnt many apps so just keep making new accounts and just keep geting 10$ for gems.

  12. I dont ever have a easy war

  13. Single target infernos actually do damage though, your little retarded multi infernos do literally no damage

  14. great video cam! ?

  15. so exited about 100 K subs 🙂 :D

  16. ummm can anyone tell me what single infernos are

  17. Lol I love the first base that beak attack, level 6 and 7 walls and then level 10 and 11 walls….

  18. Beakers Lab I love you vids and all but you attacked There number 17 and your 3 Think about it.

  19. Thanks for the tip man?