Clash Of Clans: TH10 vs TH11 | Level 3 Witches in ACTION | TH10, The New TH9?!?

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  1. Nice video man 🙂 I'm a new subscriber! Really sorry for asking, but I just started clash, would you mind checking me out? If not, it's ok. I'm still a fan :)) Thanks!

  2. bro windmill base for th10 pls

  3. Get wrecked lol damn max heroes are amazing , and the witches ! good video man keep it up !:)

  4. Nice 3 Stars!

  5. th11 vs th10*

  6. Sharing a awesome 3 stars raid using the NEW level 3 witches!!!

    A maxed TH10 stands no chance against a TH11 now!!! =O