Clash Of Clans | TH10 WAR Base TESTED & ASH APPROVED

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  1. Ash why u keep saying the west side of the base?

  2. very great video man

  3. Very nice warbase Ash, good building of your defenses, anyway Ash could you please upload a vedeo of a TH9 warbase? Im a Th9 now and Im using a hypercube layout for my farming and YES i really save my Dark Elixir 100%, but when it comes to my warbase I dont have a good layout of my warbase like against Gohowe, GowiPe and mostly my enemy is using Gowipe on my warbase and its easy to get a 3star in it, Ash please help me, give me a good warbase layout because I know that you have a lot of experince of this game
    Thank you in advance AHS.

  4. you mean the east right ? :p

  5. watched this base get wiped in our last war. GOWIPE

  6. Hey ash im going to give it a try. We have war today, i'll let you know how it goes.

  7. nice one ash
    hope you could add some videos for 3 star new th9 having quite low level heroes

  8. 3 starred this base few wars ago :p

  9. :D

  10. nice video clash with ash
    keep up the good work bro
    keep calm and clash on!

  11. 1st

  12. I already used this base.. if you could remember I asked if you have an extra th10 base to use to our upcoming tournament in the bindle chat.. thanks for that..

  13. ash