Clash of Clans | Th11 Attack Strategy – GoBarch – Solid 2 Star Strategy With LOW HEROES

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  1. Never enough GoBarch!!

  2. halolapen holemankos beleza noobs

  3. suomalaisia sota selostuksia,ois hauska nähä 😀 ?


  5. ED HUGE FAN! MAKE LONGER VIDEOS, NORE ATTACKS. love the high level skillful gameplay, its taught me a lot and has helped me reach titan easier than I ever thought I would have.

  6. Tx Ed. If we want to get replays to you whats the easiest way?

  7. only one word … fantastic!!! Please Ed show us more GoBarch attacks, we love it :)

  8. very very nice attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we need more of this attacks pleas!! thanks so much

  9. beleza noobs.kkkkkkkk show

  10. -

  11. nice nube ashsushsh belo video #brasil

  12. play hard BR

  13. belezaaa nobs ?

  14. top
    estou aprendendo ataques com seus videos
    aqui de Brasil
    clã Mônaco team

  15. You would need your warden between 15-18 "I think" so that your archers don't get one shot by mortars or Wiz towers. I have my Warden at level 10 and my archers still get one shot.