Clash of Clans TH3 to Titans, Day#115: “Ok, time to move on to TH3!”

  1. great job I'm new to youtube and i can't even get my th9 almost maxed to champs and you got to titans nice work keep up the good work

  2. Do clash without walls

  3. You should mini max 

  4. Yo pelican taco you should add some background music in your video it would make it allot more interesting ? 

  5. Could you plz do a pelican or taco video

  6. Bro. could you please do some PELICAN Video ?

  7. Как это ?

  8. Just max the th 3

  9. I die at just the handle part omg. ? but that wad the only good part 

  10. Nice video keep it up 

  11. "you will always be able to find someone to attack!" Sounds like a real person response 

  12. Nice job dude

  13. do a minimax acc. only keep ur th2 stuff. great vids!

  14. Nice vid but try to add mor excitement to ur vids like watch coleson or mystic 7 

  15. Finally!

  16. How do u search players 

  17. Stay th3 and make another account for any th level you want.

  18. That message from supercell about matchmaking sounds like it is from before the update.

  19. Keep trying to push ! :)

  20. Hey Pelican! You should start a clan 😀 And get all low town hall pushers in 😀 I would love to join it if you do! I just started a th3 and at 1250. Im also willing to help you out once i get high enough..