Clash of Clans: TH8.5 Upgrade Priority List & Guide (JULY 2016) ULTIMATE!!!

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  1. This was super helpful! Thank you so much and you just earned yourself a new subscriber!

  2. I personally like to upgrade giants and healers first before I do the war troops because I want to focus on my queen to 10 first.

  3. Thanks for this video I've searched everywhere!! I like you COC content, subscribed! ??

  4. Can u do a th9.5?

  5. i had stopped coc at th8 but watching your videos got me interested in clash again,thanks for the amazing content, never stop!

  6. im a 8.5 aq 21 bk 20 :)

  7. idea of video what to do if you have rushed base how to max it <3

  8. i will be th10 in 5 days
    waiting for 9.5 one

  9. I knew it, X-Bows level are the only reason why I suddenly jumped 7 levels above on clan war … damn I wasn't thinkin about that before I upgraded it!
    Please give me a suggestion if my X-Bows are already level 2 but some of my defenses are still max TH8 cause I'm workin on walls right now, almost 90% level 9. Heroes level 15-15. Should I max my defenses building now?

  10. Ballon lvl 6 is Very essential.Penta lava is Most powerfull stretargy

  11. I am a town hall 8.5 & have 450 war stars … I need a town hall 8.5 war clan.. Please suggest …

  12. ThnQ very much fr uploading such a helpful video….I hav a ques…that is does the new walls unlocked in th9 effects the war weight???

  13. can you make a th 7.5 guide for my account that is nearing the end of the 7 thnx…meverhart

  14. Klaus can you please make a new base design vid. Love your vids keep it up

  15. another great video. I wish I would have had this when I bumped up to TH9. my mini account will follow this guide when it moves up in a couple months. thank you.

  16. dude…if you build new defense towers your not 8.5…

  17. Telzas

  18. Can u like my comment

  19. the witch gives a lot of war walue m8…

  20. Klaus

  21. Buenisima información!
    Siempre te veo desde México

  22. I dont recommend dark barracks unless you plan on using lava hound. adding witches is like adding almost 4 xbows lvl 1. Totally not worth the war weight. Otherwise good guide

  23. Nice to hear Anal Walker force and fade in the background.

  24. do you buy the extra walls?

  25. Nice video man keep it up

  26. Thx for this vid I'm a th8.5 I actually was the one that asked for it in one of your other vids thanks

  27. Perfect timing I'm gonna be th9 in 4 days!!!

  28. Please do th10??

  29. can you explain what (th8.5) means?

  30. Thank u klaus ur the best man !!

  31. Good video.. th10 content please

  32. Thank you!!!!!! Been looking for this, I'll be th9 tomorrow or should I say th8.5 ;)

  33. Dude! So I'm making a th 7.5. Do you have a video that can help me out?