Clash of Clans TH8 GoVaLo Valks Attack Strategy Guide

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  1. great tutorial… nice..

  2. 1d 12h left on my townhall going to level 9 I'm 100 maxed lvl 94 th8. any tips? (all storages are capped)

  3. Thank you so much this attack worked we were paired up badly in war and i was matched with a maxed th8 and i three stared him with this attack thx ???

  4. all my troops maxed Except golems and valks for th8 ..will it work??

  5. Hello, I'm in your try out clan and was just wondering if u could post like twice a week I know your probably not going to read this but if u do that'd be great if u could bump it up to two a week for tour fans. (I'm a big fan boy)

  6. Hello, I'm in your try out clan and was just wondering if u could post like twice a week I know your probably not going to read this but if u do that'd be great if u could bump it up to two a week for tour fans. (I'm a big fan boy)

  7. Will this work with lv 1 valks?

  8. is ultimate dynasty ur new clan ? reply asap

  9. Thanks for the tip, I'm from Brazil and still have a new th9, so I could try this one in war, the valk just went exactly on the middle of the layout and cut the air defenses.
    My clan has a lot of news Th9 but we still are having hard times against TH9. I'm improving my heroes as fast as I can to make it easier.
    thanks again.

  10. Can u make tutorials for beating th7 bases since they get 3 air defenses now?

  11. Does she have a th8 dark elixir farming cheap army vid? Or do you guys have suggestions.

  12. wow when i was th8 i was looking for a tutorial of this on ur channel and i had to settle for one hive now im th9 and boom theres the tutorial! good video though

  13. Could u do how to gowiva


  15. Good video! thanks they really help

  16. Thanks for video, I'm already learning how to do govalo and this video will help me soo much. Could you do a video on th8 govaho or quake quake goho in the future please ?

  17. please do th8 GoVa-Ho tutorial. it is one of most op attack strat for th8..!! btw awesome video!! :)

  18. i'm having a tuff time in th9. will you be covering th9 war attacks soon?

  19. never stop making tutorals. U R awsome.

  20. I love the gova attacks. the only thing that can stop the govalo is if you release loons at a bad time and WT target them. if you avoid that it's a sure 3 star.

  21. Wooooo! I missed you, Clash Tutor! Glad to see another video and about a sweet new attack!

  22. Do TH9 GoVaLo tutorial! 😉 Seriously though, please. xD

  23. Woo! No more sidebars!

  24. Do you have a few examples of this attack that just bombs for one reason or another?

  25. The only thing that makes me happier than raining fire and brimstone on foes is watching those lovely ladies slaughter their foes a-la Jason Vorhees, and this gives me the best of both worlds. Lovely.

  26. Thanks for the great tutorial! Keep it up 🙂 Do you think bringing 2 heals and replacing loons with hogs would work as well?

  27. How would you modify this, attacking as a TH9 agains a TH9?

  28. I used to use this attack but instead of a 2nd golem I use minions and I ask for a pekka for my cc

  29. I love valks in cc at low TH and they are really good with 4 EQs and they will act like a witch

  30. Comon wheres the golaloon?

  31. Wow I just did a Govalo last war, why couldn't this come out a little earlier lol

  32. I made a very powerful strategy with Valkyries to generate max loot, but it's a clan secret. TH8s and Up, Join Clashbound! My username is Onoh, take a look at my storages now, because I'll be upgrading two wizard towers around 9 p.m.

  33. Great video Heather! Can't believe my replay made it into one of your videos!! So honored!!! :D

  34. How does the GOHO method work against Xbows/TH9s?

  35. Could you please do a Dragon attack

  36. Awesome video as always, i love valks, you're doing a good job Heather, keep going !

  37. yay I can finally use valks! I've been waiting for a th 8 strategy using them since they aren't used most of the time! I'm gonna surprise my clanmates thanks to you Heather! ❤?

  38. Th9 double zap quake LaLo? Heather, for me? <3

  39. Th9 double zap quake LaLo? Heather, for me? <3

  40. can you use lev 1 valks?

  41. heather there is a new update on clash of clans with clan castles and attack bonus

  42. I'm a lvl 9 town hall and iv recovered rushed bace and I want to get better at war but I need a good war clan to help me

  43. u make the best videos gonna try this

  44. what is the army comp for this attack?

  45. We need new th7 attack strategies when extra aid defence comes

  46. I use a gowiho hybrid, with wall breakers and a few wiz and barbs or Giants in cc, I'm max town hall 8 and I have beaten max th 9 with this attack.

  47. Hey heather what are the 3 best attack stratigies for town hall 8 3 stars?

  48. Well I was going to hit the upgrade to TH9 without upgrading my Valks, but you've convinced me otherwise. Great video. I've tried this based on some other videos but I think I understand it better now. Thanks.