Clash of Clans – TH8 GoWiPe Clan Wars Attack Strategy

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  1. Town hall 8 gowipe like a boss. #clashofclans

  2. Does this work still?

  3. How big of a difference is from lvl1gowipe
    (Lv4wiz,lvl1pekka,lvl1golem_lvl4wbs) to max gowipe for town hall 8
    (lvl3pekka,lvl5wbs,lvl5wiz,lvl2golem) . how big is the change ?

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  5. 3 Things
    1. You need more subs
    2. I can see you being the next clash of clans attacks
    3. You’ve earned my subs
    Keep up the good work and pls respond it would make my day :)

  6. Can the Pekka be upgraded to level 3 in town hall 8

  7. Uh I 3 star maxed th8s.. And u don’t lure

  8. What do you use to record ?

  9. Why did he say ” you actually cant get pekkas, and golems at Th8. Is he

  10. Quick question, is it better to have more wiz or 3 pekkas?

  11. does is still work when i have level 1 golem pekka and level 5 wiz

  12. You got ripped off in the last attack.

  13. I use 2 golems 3 pekkas 16 wizards and 1 barbarian just in case there are
    cc troops

  14. Good attack strategy. Win almost every time

  15. My clan always says to spread the golems out. I like your attack strategy
    quite a bit though and i’ll have to try it.

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  17. Just 3 stared a almost max th9!!!!!!

  18. wow thanks dude :)

  19. Wat do you bring for ck?

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  21. 1 rage spell and 2 healing spell is the most effective in wars

  22. u don’t even make a 3 star at all.

  23. Thanks dude . Very helpful. Hope surgery went ok

  24. I’m gonna try this strategy when I get golems, but I’m gonna try using
    slightly more wiz

  25. Cool thanks