Clash of Clans – TH8 Titan Raids

  1. Nice raids Jesus ?Where are you finding all these th8s?

  2. The only HDV 8 that rises to the big dragons frankly gg. go to world record you can do it

  3. Wow Nice :D

  4. song at 3:20?

  5. nice

  6. Hey how do you record,thanks-Robert

  7. your the best bro

  8. wow

  9. I am Titan 3 th8

  10. Jesús little bro

  11. Jesus is a noob. ? lol Nice raids man

  12. good shit:) coc fir life

  13. Good stuff bro

  14. The new th8 trophy record holder is zyan in elite eight he is at 4830+(or around it)

  15. i've been waiting for longtime for ur next video jes. ??

  16. eres el mejor de todos Jesús en serio wow ojala pudiera llegar a titan l pero solo llego a titan lll con th8 bueno suerte sigue subiendo

  17. Hi Jesus!!??
    I'm th 8 in Titan 2 now ??

  18. first lol