Clash of Clans | TH8 Trophy Base with NEW FREEZE TRAP | CoC New Update Base [TH8 Defense Replays]

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  1. congrats jaso 100k subs bro

  2. Where does the freeze trap go

  3. Th5 base plies

  4. Damnnn 100k #JasoSquad!Congrats! BTW watch out for the Legend27 lol

  5. Jaso I need 9 without archer queen please trophy base current gold league

  6. #unluckypekka

  7. #UnLucky Pekka

  8. 全部攻める人が下手なだけじゃない?

  9. Awesome I'm pushing to crystal so this will help so much :)

  10. you are not given that were is freeze trap

  11. No base asures anti 3 star
    Only if the attacker does mistakes and the cc

  12. Jaso I am tempted to do base layouts as well but I need ideas of how to make good bases

  13. Your Videos looks bored without your Voice.

  14. #Jaso Where is your voice???

  15. hey jaso can u make a th9 to protect loot and the th please?

  16. Th9 trophy base please

  17. hey jaso make th7 base

  18. Congrats my man been with u since 300 subs! I love the fact u havnt changed like all these big you tubers do (acting different etc) love u bro

  19. #unluckypekka

  20. The first song is so Dope! you got great taste in music!

  21. #UnluckyPekka

  22. #unluckypekka Congrats for 100K!!
    Hey Jaso, you've seen my message/mail?

  23. do it without cc troops

  24. Can you do a base build of this base?

  25. bro I am in search of black hole troll base can you make/recommend me one please>?

  26. Congo jaso

  27. plz troll base town hall 9

  28. unlucky pekkas

  29. congrats on 100k jaso

  30. #UnluckyPekka
    What's a good cc combination for the base without a witch

  31. big thanks for your base designs Jaso. I used one of your designs for my th9 account and no th9 could 3 star it except a th10. worked wonders many thanks keep up the great work. PS dance tracks are awesome.

  32. #Unluckypekka

  33. Thx bro

  34. #unluckypekka

  35. #unluckypekka

  36. hai jaso ..plz make a new 8.5 farming base b cause I'm new to th9 ..I wanna protect my loot.i hope u will make it for sure.. thanks a lot jaso

  37. nice base tho

  38. Could you do a farming and hybrid base with freeze trap plz

  39. bring a th9 trophy. base + replays plz

  40. Hope you hit 1 million subscribers soon..I have a question… GT (General Tony) Is your friend??

  41. Congratulations for 100,000 subs in advance Jaso?

  42. make th9 base

  43. congo on 100k

  44. congo dude on 100k

  45. #UnluckyPekka
    Congrats on 100k Jaso! ?

  46. #unlucky pekka