Clash of Clans – TH9 ANTI 3 STAR BASE DESTROYED! Town Hall 9 3 Star Clan War Attack on Wide Base

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  1. 8:24 ok

  2. Wtf is a clan castle queen. Lol wite

  3. Please put this common question do you have a girlfriend and if you don't what girl troop would you date

  4. Do a face cam

  5. CQOTD: if you could make any update add or take away anything what would it be

  6. remi the master league was racist to me

  7. why is the resolution on Youtubve so bad for MN

  8. CQOTD:When You Move To LA are you going to do more collabs with other youtubers

  9. CQOTD: Do you think they should allow healers to heal themselves up !??

  10. I hit 30k subs!

  11. KICK!!!

  12. What's your opinion about a barb king having a special ability on defense


  14. This was not an anti 3 star base. You spent no time scouting the base and working out how to take it. Great video on what happens when you don't plan.

  15. CQOTD who will win Batman or Superman

  16. IM FROM SWEDEN!!!!

  17. I remeber when you did wite Wednesdays I was always wondering why you stopped

  18. How do u get a lot of loot when people attack u everyday

  19. bro I want in daddy's darlings! how can I join check me out or what? I'm a th 10 trying to max it bout 80 percent there.

  20. CQOTD: Are you single If Not Who's Your Babe and will u be showin her in a future Vid?

  21. what does L and C mean

  22. Why no mystic Monday

  23. Where was mystic Monday?

  24. Your the best WITE

  25. When you move aren't you going to leave your squad

  26. CQTOD: In the future will you do stuff besides clash or will you make a different channel for different games other than clash?

  27. CQOTD: what would you like to see in the next major clash of clans update

  28. Where is loki

  29. CQOTD: When did u start to love Clash of Clans or did u love it from the beginning?

  30. Im an OG fannnnnnn whooooshhhhh

  31. Yah I visited his base and new he made a vid cus of his base

  32. U idiot should have dropped rge warden ability before

  33. Wite the type of nigga that when you have two chicken nuggets left he take one