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  1. คนไทย

  2. another goho guide, including hogs pathing, when to use shattered, stoned etc, what to look for in a base to goho, when to AQ walk, and more. I know my clan would love it!

  3. Sweet Vid ashlain =)

  4. Well done ash

  5. Gr8 guide ash!

  6. Should I upgrade a lightning to lvl 6 for double zap quake purpose or drags to 4

  7. Before watching them , I always start with a thumbs up !!

  8. thousandth view

  9. another great video to share! Hope i make it back to red elite soon! Signed: Mr.Robot

  10. ash wanna collab???

  11. You're underrated bud! great video as always

  12. Do you have any tips for attacking as a new th10?

  13. im going to th9, thx for the tutorials

  14. I use it but don't use queen

  15. Prosauce!

  16. Hola solo vengo a pedir a que pasen por mi canal suscribanse, like y su opinion en los comentarios que nada mas ayer empeze y subo videos de Clash Of Clans espero a que pasen Adios Bendiciones!!!

  17. I am a townhall 8 and I am great at war. I am almost maxed and going to th9! You will help me so much. Your attacks are awesome

  18. good video

  19. Awesome Video Ash!

  20. Changed the channel name I see…interesting

  21. Used it lots. 13 queen, 10 king. Lvl 4 drags. Once I got the hang of queen walk and raging the healers when encountering point defence it was op. Lol

  22. really nice strategy ?

  23. hello ash?