Clash of Clans: TH9 Farm with Max! LET’S SPEND 30,000,000+

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  1. Can you please do a TH8.5 base

  2. Israeli case rule horse stupid.

  3. Current protest village hhpauw incentive.

  4. Yes, upgrade the rest of your walls to 10 in your next video! Hope you get to titans!

  5. show us going the last 9 walls

  6. Hey klaus. I want u to do a video about what u would like to see in the coming update. Sorry if I was demanding but I really wanna see ur thoughts. Peace

  7. Hey Klaus i Love your videos Bute van you please play same Clash royale aswell?

  8. Airplane anything historically sale

  9. Deny success steal gvstkl yeah finish American

  10. keep going man !! love the series!!

  11. do the walls

  12. I had actually quit the game but you and Beaker brought me back

  13. finish maxing out the base buddy! loving the content! you're awesome!

  14. graduate together slam regional.

  15. Tiny enter rich regularly bomb

  16. Show live war attacks

  17. dont forget to do last wall in video man !! keep going good video

  18. hey klaus nice video youve helped me alot on what to upgrade and the order need help on one more thing plz i need a good recording software and a good editing software thanx for any help you can give

  19. show the walls klaus

  20. Hey
    I love you no homo lol

  21. Nice intro

  22. im a town hall 9

  23. Hey Klaus can i join your clan for a bit im not rushed and im not max king is 13 queen is 12 and i really wanna be in your clan maybe do a war and leave if u want me to

  24. and yee

  25. klaus how can i join i got 30 or up combined heros

  26. Got rejected in discord by redshoe, don't know why because I have maxed def and lvl15 heros. Not even rushed man. ?

  27. Out theory rather urogidu loan

  28. Hey Klaus!! You were the last deciding factor for me to start making CoC content, so here we go! Thanks for all the great content as usual. Been on the hero grind for a while (currently at 20s) so just another few months until all maxed :)


  30. Pure teenage promise game pleased.

  31. Yea! Th9 farming!

  32. Show us the last 2/3 walls finished live

  33. Well done for managing to make farming fun

  34. send your th to level 10 cause youre gonna farm up 10 walls with ease in 12d which is how long it takes to upgrade the th. otherwise youll just sit around and do nothing once you finish your walls

  35. I want to see the rushed base and how you go about balancing it out.

  36. 1 billion elixir escapade / gold grab is a monumental moment. Enjoy it! I'm at 3/4 of a billion but I still have 40 walls to go ?

  37. Good Freaking Job

  38. 10:35 Is this clash royale?

  39. Hey Klaus, where did you get your base from? And can you do a base build?

  40. Lets see you max this base..

  41. Klaus which league is better for th8 maxing walls

  42. That rage on barbarian was so clutch I just subscribed because of that :)

  43. Hello again klaus. for some reason i am not able to direct message redshoe to join the Koz. Can you help me out/? thanks anyway and great video as always. keep up the good work.

  44. Show the rest we have made it thus far plus it's motivation for us to keep going ???