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  1. Your strategy is not farming

  2. i cant gain elixer anymore because i have to train he higher cist army now i havent got past 6m elixer since the update my war bonus is the only thing keeping me up in elixer

  3. Can you make a farm video for th8

  4. "Expensive" slow to build armies are not going to cut it for the casual player. SC overreached on this upgrade. Not saying all of it was wrong or bad, just that it was too much at one time.

  5. lololol my th 8 and th 9 havent been attacked in over a week and a half, so there you go. i stopped playing a week ago, so im free from getting attacked. farming by not playing anymore. try it guys if you want and R.I.P. to my old clan. they quit, so have i. may the other dead clans rest in peace as well. if anyone wants to play a new game. try looking in the play/app store!!

  6. great vídeo Ash ! I like it

  7. Suggestion – improve the audio quality on your outro…. I have found everything you talk about to be 100% true. I have always farmed with GiWiBArch, but with one little change. I have two hogs for CC test /lure and six minions for cleanup. This army comp can usually get two stars on any base, and can always get into the core. I use rage, heals, jump, and poison spells as needed. All four of my bases got to crystal easily using this. (I'm a lvl40 farmer!)

  8. I'm a th 10 and my queen is upgrading so I tried your lavaloonian army and spells from your video the other day. I'm in champions League and it just isn't working. I can't get to the th or de storeage and losing so much elixer. also part of the problem is if you have about 3 mil in elixer it's nearly impossible in the game right now to make elixer. I can barely make more than I'm losing because the cost of armies I have to use and the amount that's out there to loot.

  9. sc killed the game

  10. You saved me, Ash. I don't really watch many youtubers play Clash of Clans but you saved me with this post-update. +1 subscriber

  11. You nailed it Ash! This is 100% true at all levels. I have th 9 and th8 accounts and they all get taken out of the mix so quick now. Really hope SC fixes these problems.

  12. Ash Any tips on how to raid de to get archer queen from lvl1 to lvl15 fast enough?

  13. farming is dead. Period. this game already went down to 3 star ratings. Super cell will have to do something before its too late.

  14. i love most of the updates, but removing dead base is screwing everybody, just gives us back the dead base then everyone gonna be happy…

  15. Can you leave exact numbers for the army compositions in the description?

  16. Spending 2k(+) DE just isn't profitable when farming DE

  17. I have 4 accounts. fully maxed TH9, TH8.5, maxed TH8 and mid TH8.

    For maxed TH9, "Super Queen strategy" (lvl20+ queen, 8 WBs, 11 healers (u only need 6 healers per raid tho) 30 minions & 4 rages) is the best DE farming strategy. I recommend Crystal league ~ Master League. I can farm at least 2.5k de per raid.

    For new TH9, TH8.5 & below, just reduce ur trophy to 700 (or even lower). THERE ARE TONS OF DEAD BASES with AT LEAST 300K LOOT. u can also see many bases with TH outside. u just need to snipe TH and get like 30k~70k free loot without using any troops. Supercell reduced gem boost to 5 gems. so, just use 20 gems for boosting 4 barracks and do barch for 1 hour. I farmed 3mil gold + elixir and 20k DE in 1 hour.

    Conclusion. NO COMPLAIN!
    There IS solution. Hope this helps

  18. Ash I tried the super queen strategy and it worked perfectly. I am no longer struggling for loot. Thx a lot :)

  19. Let's be honest..
    Supercell fucked up the game big time. They made this update for the higher town halls (9, 10, and 11). They fucked up farming, low level trophy pushing, and some strategies.

    I've been in Gold 3 all the way to Masters 1 and the loot is shit on every single league that I've been in.

    Thank you Supercell, for fucking up.
    Don't hate or come insulting me for saying that Supercell fucked up or anything like that, you're wasting your time doing that. Also that shows that you're childish or immature.

    Sorry for my horrible grammar if I had any mistakes, I'm not perfect on my grammar and other stuff like that.

  20. Great video ash but can you come up with strategy that doesn't rely on spells? I just hate the idea of waiting over an hour for spells to be done.