Clash Of Clans | TH9 GoWiPe vs GoWiWI 3 Star Strategy Square Off!

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  1. Hey Ash!! Ty SOOOO much for these videos my clan and I love them! Very informative great strategies and advice always!! Thanks again Ash!!!

  2. Go wipe for th 8 but gowiwi for th 9

  3. The first attack replay in this video is a th10. 2 rage spells, 1 heal spell, 2 jump spells.

    Don't be fooled folks. NOT a th9 attack

  4. thanks for the heads up. I shared these vids with clan mates. I always end up getting 80% in most attacks not thinking of getting 3 stars. I always attack with 2 golems one being donation. 2 pekkas 20 wizards 8 wall breakers 20 archers for Castle troops. 2 rages 2 healing and a poison. now ima change my strategy. thanks a lot bro.

  5. its so inspiring to watch video like this. I almost max my th9 base. I need to learn more about this strategy. #aiming3star

  6. gowipe at th8. and gowiwi at th9. I just got 6 stars on the top two bases of the enemy was clan. I'm a fresh th9 with only max th8 defenses and troops. I gemmed my witches to max though and my aq is level 6. I think gowiwi is best for th9. my army Consist of 2 lvl2 golem 7 lvl2 witches. 6 lvl5 wb. and the rest wiz. lvl5. with 30 cc space full of Max wiz. a few archers. as I said before I'm #2 on the war map and I three starred the top two bases of the enemy. gowiwi is best for me. I also use two rage 1 jump 1 healer and 1 poison. Although I don't use the poison if they have a drag in the cc. Great video tho (:

  7. How is the firs attacker a TH9 yet has 5 spells? (Not counting poison.) If each are worth 2 housing spaces, thats 10 and TH9 on has 8. Something pretty weird there.

  8. The first attack , how come he could hold an extra spell for a TH9?

  9. I prefer gowiwipe . Composed of 2golem 2 witch 2 pekka 6 wall breaker the rest wiz and in cc max golem. It gives me the tanky I need plus the bonus firepower from witches 🙂 . Try it out !

  10. how come there are 5 major spells in the first attack…attacking as th9, are u not?

  11. how to make 3 star without heroes or only 1 hero

  12. Are you sure the first attacker is a th9? He has a healing spell, 2 rage, 2 jump and a poison spell. A th9 has only 9 housing space for spells not 11

  13. First attack has five spells, wish my th9 had 5 spells

  14. GOWIPE is 3 stars guaranteed on hashtag shaped bases. I just 3 starred a maxed out, messy looking hashtag TH 9 base in clan war with 4 lvl 3 pekkas, 2 lvl 2 golems, and the rest lvl 5 wizards (including in CC) and lvl 10 heroes. Oh yeah an the spells used were 1 jump, 1 rage, and 2 healing to keep the troops alive. You'll likely get 2 stars or maybe 3 on other bases though.

  15. The first guy had 5 main spells plus the poison he had to have been th10

  16. the dog in the background I that it was mine

  17. The hidden tesla sucks

  18. Thanks for that amazing video Ash ,I'm learning new things from your videos that I didn't know ,so thank you for these great videos and these great attack strategies.

  19. Couldn't help but notice on the first attack that they have 5 spells. That 5th spell obviously makes a huge difference.

  20. That one moment when you gowipe and your golems don't go towards the center of the base…