Clash of Clans- TH9 Road to the Top 100 US Ep3

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  1. yo Wite, could you pleaaaaaaase make a video of your defensive replays???
    I’m so curious of how good your base is

  2. 5th nigga

  3. What the


  5. Has the client error happened to you yet? All the top players need to chest
    to win

  6. Wite, i hit champs already on my th8

  7. Guys the the haze is now Clan Theft Auto

  8. i dont want to ask too many questions cuz i know u will be making a vid but
    maybe u cna answer this one in the vid u are going to make. When some
    people left to Clan Theft Auto..why did you leave and not stay with haze
    and fog?

  9. 3:07 Former FaZe member i see…

  10. Omg! I Was dying when he called him jeff_hella retarded lol man keep up the
    good work

  11. I’m 99.9% sure you already uploaded the EXACT SAME video a few weeks ago.

  12. YY Fakie FakiexD Add me on Xbox ! (: I trick shot too lol

  13. Is this a re-upload? 

  14. What clan you in now? 

  15. this is a re upload

  16. Leut ♡

  17. Hey witelighting im TH9 and im at 2800. I use 24 loons and 50 minions and
    15 minions in my cc. How many loons should i take with me?

  18. Best moment haha 3:06

  19. Hey wite. I really wanna join the haze im just starting th9 so im probably
    nowhere near the requirements but just fyi im extrememly loyal and a bit of
    a gemmer i will most likely fly through th9 lemme know if u guys can make
    an exception for me or what will be the very least requirement u guys will
    accept me. Thanks bro ur awesome love ur vids

  20. Amazing how you take on max bases without any fear, good video wite

  21. I dont get why he should upload the exact same video again? I mean not a
    pixel has changed?!?

  22. NOT FIRST!!!!! <3

  23. Thought it was a reupload lool

  24. Why u had to reupload?