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  1. My queen is lvl 3 … I am new th9

  2. Wow thank you so much ash for this video, I'm definetly trying that super queen attack real soon :)

  3. Can't wait till th8! Great job Ash

  4. Great vid Ash! I totally agree with you, Supercell needs to change something to make farming more balanced for everyone. I can no longer barch full collectors which is a huge disappointment. I really don't want to cook a hour long troop comp just to almost break even on loot when I can barch for 75% or better profit…. Anyways keep up the good work brotha! ??

  5. thanks for the great videos ash. I'm going to try this out.

  6. I am going to be a new th10 tomorrow, with max defense and lvl 9 walls and a few lvl 10 walls. Both my hero's are lvl 17. I seen in the comment section that most people are just going straight to th11. I wanna know should I go to th11 to get the grand warden for easier farming.

  7. Can this work on lvl15 queen?

  8. Nice

  9. Superqueen rocks..with the extra 30 second my queen got more time to get most of the loot..healer couldnt keep up with low lvl queen..great video ash..people said that SQ is base only wreck when SQ comes around..

  10. There are so many tailor base in low league, its hard to use barch lol

  11. Should I try this being TH10?

  12. When Ash ?

  13. Needed this post Ash ty

  14. is anything gonna be done about the collector raids??

  15. Thank God Ash I thought you were on $C's payroll. Nice to see you recognize the flaws in the update. The Super Queen tweak is significant. If she goes down she is unavailable for at least an hour.

  16. None of this seems applicable to me because I'm new th9. My aq is only level 7, my giants aren't level 6 yet, and my healers aren't level 4 yet. I haven't been having a horrible time with gibarch but it's still hard to get much profit mainly on the elixir, which I need tons of atm

  17. +Clash With Ash r u gonna do a post farming update for us th8s? (not demanding just asking)

  18. How do I farm if I can't even put the outside??!??! ??????

  19. 3rd

  20. All I have been doing since the update is de farming