Clash Of Clans: TH9 Troll Base BOMB TOWER – Tutor Blaster + Replays Town Hall 9 Troll Base 2016

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  1. Table Of Contents:
    0:08 Base Build
    3:47 The Base
    3:51 Replays

    About this base:
    Air Sweepers: Both blowing towards the center
    Skeleton Traps: Both set to Ground Mode
    Xbows: Both set to Ground & Air Mode

    Features Of This Base:
    -Center spawn has multiple defenses targeting them as you can tell.
    -If the player attacks outside of the base, troops are more likely to go around the base instead of inside.
    -Heroes and Clan Castle is at a location where both center spawn and outside spawn can be protected.
    -Air Defense and Wizard Towers guard the middle super crazy.
    -If the player tries to snipe the Town Hall with BARCH they will have a great chance of failing! Guaranteed
    -Giant Bombs are placed to destroy hogs
    -Traps everywhere in this base are super crucial. (Mainly Air Traps).

  2. Best parts: Intro/Outro

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  4. Great base !!