Clash of Clans: TH9 Trophy Push to Titans Episode 10 – Champion 1! 3800 Cups!

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  1. plus appropriate borrow broker

  2. German international abortion yexmk struggle likely

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  4. you guys kicked me out bruh

  5. let's go fam!

  6. hey klaus i am also going to push to titans soon with my th 9 i watch pretty much every video you post! keep it up pls im really enjoying it!

  7. Beaker 2.0

  8. Klaus I meant Mr matt

  9. Klaus there is this one guy in your clan that keeps rejecting me when I try to join his name is Mr daddy I have every troop for th7 and I donate a lot

  10. Hey klaus just wanted to say you deserve 1 million subscribers and that you are my favorite YouTuber so don't quit COC cause your the best!!

  11. I hate raiding w/out my queen…? lost 3 raids in a row masters 2. Can't wait for Her to come back?? Keep up The Sick push man!

  12. Wow keep up the good push

  13. can you make a speedbuild on your base :)

  14. you do not know how much I love u and I am a sub

  15. I just started watching u Klaus and I am loving your vids omg you deserve about 1 million subs and I wish that I was you ?

  16. Klaus I'm excited to see episode 2of th8 account t

  17. damn amazing man .. keep going

  18. Just an awesome strategy! <3

  19. I <3 you, buddy! no homo


  21. no you need to farm loot for th10 ugrades

  22. Keep pushing klaus!!

  23. bro waiting for ur episode2 of th8. please can u put that soon.

  24. Like the trophy push imma copy your base. Getting max heros is a struggle a th9

  25. good going, man! keep pushing!

  26. Hi Klaus please see this video. This is the best th9 trophy pushing army in my clan

  27. good gab and keep going

  28. Im italian but i like youre channel because in italy the video are for visual…
    clash in italy is RIPP


  30. Klaus can I join Boston tea party I am a th8 maxed in masters 2

  31. love your videos plz make more!!??

  32. Let's see if we can hit 500 likes!!

  33. Hey guys!