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  1. as in this vedio you have show the th9 spell combination can you also tell about the spell combination for th8

  2. Poison Spells stack. 2 lvl 2 will take out a max dragon

  3. 2 poison takes out Max drag with extra 30sec it's worth it

  4. two poison can kill a drag Ash. You just have to wait a little before dropping the 2nd poison.

  5. Any good new TH10 farming/clan war recommendations, Ash? I'm getting raped!

  6. Excited to get back into dragons at TH9 with that extra earthquake. Was wondering if you could do clan visit series but if not, keep up the good work. I can say that you are one of the only clash youtubers I can feel good going into the video knowing you will bring quality content and you won't put stupid titles and click bait thumbnails on your videos. People know what they are about to watch and I we all really appreciate it!

  7. Do you think it's possible to trophy push and upgrade troops/defenses?

  8. Really appreciate this video

  9. extra spell slut

  10. thanks for the spell combo ash..

  11. hey ash .. you are the best ?

  12. hey ash .. you are the best ?

  13. Poisons won't stack damage but you can use 1 poison first and then use another one after the effects of the first are gone to take out a max drag.

  14. ash can you make new bases for town hall 7

  15. Hi Ash great combination but I still trying goho attack but can't made three star. please suggest me

  16. ash heres an OP combo. 4 lightning and 2 earthquake to take out 2 ads and use cc lava and use some loons nad heroes to kill another AD leaving only 1 ad left and you can use drags or lavaloon to take out the base or drags. If u want to use lavaloon you must kill cc with kill squad unless it is a cc lava

  17. don't you watch Jake from one hive's bids. most recent war has been stacking poisons to tale out cc troops. check it out my clan mates and I are not dealing with drag loon combos anymore till it gets nerf'd Clan #PR9Q008

  18. two lvl three poisons takes out a maxed dragon in war cc

  19. as a th9 this update was poop …only max th10s get the fun part of the update …

  20. Great vid!