Clash Of Clans – The Best New Townhall 11 War / Trophy Base That Will Take You To Legend League

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  1. Blair

  2. Invite me back to the clan or make it invite only I left for a sec and I can't get back in

  3. Nice Wink at the end as well ????

  4. Nice Wink at the end as well ???

  5. I got this layout a few days ago….its great BUT!!!……. You need to put ad s away from edges 'cause AQ walk 3 starred it twice. Thx for sharing dood?

  6. Houseurret what software do you use to record your gameplay on clash of clans???

  7. Ok what makes this base different from tha other open ring bases dat have been getting rekt'd by max witches? Have u any replays?

  8. I haven't seen it yet but great video!