Clash of Clans – The BULLY Story – and Town Hall 11 attacking Town Hall 10!

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  1. My clan just had a war mismatch, I was number one that war as a new th10 still without infernos or any of the new defenses, even walls. But the opposing clan had 2 th10s both with infernos and all the new th10 items. We also had about 17 th9s while they had 19. The war started out us losing 53 to 13 in a 25v25 but by the end of it, our great attackers pulled out a victory for us, 69 to 63. Our clan is RockDaClashBah, clan Id #P9J89PQL. Come on over!

  2. What does it matter if a TH 11 bullies TH 10? It's like that with all the TH's.

  3. townhall 8 and can bully town hall 7s for DE lol

  4. i just noticed that, galadons outro is clash of gan's intro. is this a chain of vids?

  5. craig op, supercell pls nerf

  6. faming isnt dead yet. make a "troll" or 30% base so you get a shield and you defend ur storages and all u lose is loot in colectors (if you dont coc very often)

  7. Wow Deep story Galadon! Nice that you didn't get hurt and you stand up against bullying

  8. Thumbs up Gallydon

  9. I,have a crush and I'm in the fourth grade her name is emri Kate hat do I do

  10. Hi

  11. You bully! :D

  12. Can we make that a thing. Story time with Gally

  13. The bully story you told this on kamcord a long time ago

  14. Are you trying to get your third grade story on a clash of clans commercial?

  15. yes, story time with galadon.

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  17. awesome video galadon really like it

  18. Gj gal

  19. These th10's bully the th9's but you don't care about us th9's do you???

  20. Galadon did you guys marry and have kids???