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  1. hey beaker!! wassup bro.
    i had a dead base n i started playin it again. th9 a bit rushed. would golem lvl1 ,pekka lvl2 n wizard lvl5 raids be cool. against other town hall 9.


  3. yes yes, acoustic foam.

  4. yeah gold league around 1850 in trophies is great for loot and dead bases!

  5. I got 6mil loot batch in gold 1

  6. Gold 1 is we're I'm finding dead bases just like 10 min a go found a mil loot

  7. in gold 100k combined huge dark and got it with barch YES

  8. Supercell should totally recognize you, but they hate the term farming except for in Hay Day

  9. I found a unicorn around 1000 cups, 500k elixir and 400k gold, with 5k dark

  10. Those streams were epic! You have a ton of dark elixir gonna upgrade a troop or heroes?

  11. ur funny when ur not trying to be

  12. loot

  13. I find so many dead bases in crystal 1 come on up beak!

  14. I find dead bases with about 700k in gold 3 and 2

  15. epic dead loot bases in gold

  16. epic dead loot bases in gold

  17. Head to silver 1. I grab 250k plus of each every raid with straight barch

  18. There is some dead bases in crystal

  19. Crystal league seems more fun. I like hitting the core of bases and not just sniping at the outside. Also you get more dark in Crystal.

  20. im a th9 and im in silver there is nooo loot down here!!

  21. in champions there are a lot of th10 with a lot of dark and some th9 too great league

  22. Hey beak, I'm wondering if you recommend using gowipe on th8 bases in war because I am just about to get golems and I'm a th8

  23. Hey It's Powers469 when you streaming again budd?

  24. You should farm on your th11

  25. Beaker, I've been finding over 300k and 400k in dead bases in Chrystal 2 and 3 :)

  26. I'm early let me think of a joke

    Beakers Lab

  27. where is the high level account. I want th11 wall farming

  28. BEAKERS LAB I AM TRYING MY Hardest TO JOIN YOUR CLAN PLEASE LET ME JPIN I TH9 max and I have 148 war stars please beakers lab I love you

  29. I find a decent amount of dead bases with 200k-300k in crystal III

  30. I've been finding a couple dead bases every day in crystal 2/3 but not until after about 5-10 minutes of looking

  31. uiii

  32. bjjj

  33. dggff

  34. Beaker you could have searched for a bit longer and managed to find a dead base with over 300k loot of each. Gold 2-3 is swarming with those bases

  35. I'm in Chrystal league I've seen a good amount amount of dead bases

  36. I got 5000 de in champs because of the loot bonus search me up clan : DobacknDuff

  37. Beaker what do you use to record your gameplay? I'm want to start a YouTube and just like you! It will be helpful if you answer! Also when your done with recording how do your edit your videos and how do you make your intro? Thanks men

  38. I am a th9 in cristall 3 and i find dead bases everywhere up to 600 k each

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  40. I find 300k of each in gold 1 and gold 2.

  41. I find a dead base every 10 20 searches in gold 1.