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  1. Epic video

  2. "The description in the link" OMG dying ahahaha 0:32

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  4. Awesome video! Have Heather back for Part 2. Let's hear more ideas she has, regarding war or otherwise. Thanks Ash.

  5. "il put the description in the link"??? Wtf

  6. the description in the link?

  7. Nobody cares about what's gonna happen in clan wars in the future!! Unless they start banning modding (which they won't cause they don't give a fuck) then any improvements are irrelevant

  8. "I'll put the description in the link…" -Ash 2k16

  9. "I'll put the description in the link…" -Ash 2k16

  10. This update will kill wars if modding isn't issued no more to say

  11. The issue that tho shall not mention?? U mean modding right?

  12. How about clan gems? War win gives you clan gems. You spend clan gems to get arrange wars. e.g. each war win gives you one clan gem, more win streak gives you even more clan gems. Then each arrange war costs you 5 clan gems.

  13. Good chat. Totally agree on the League thing. We had a run of wars in Dec-Jan were our opponents were consistently way above average (typically win about 85% of wars, under 50% during those two months). Not mismatches, just very good opposition consistently. The new update notes make me wonder if they were doing some A/B testing for the new system. Whilst it made for some great wars, it slowly became a bit frustrating. There needs to be some reward for winning, like moving up in rank/league. Otherwise as you improve you just get harder and harder opposition, and all you see is a 50/50 mix of red and green on your war log.

    Weighing eagle/inferno heavier makes sense, they are big game changers. Weighing defence more than offence (or even more so than it is now) seems to be pushing us even more into 8.5/9.5/10.5, doesn't seem a good idea to me. From my experience it's not how people want to play. Every day in our clan, someone asks 'hey, can I build X-Bows yet?' etc.

  14. Hey Ash! Idk if you already knew this, but that farming war thing is already a thing. It's called FWA (Farm War Alliance), you should look it up. The one that I was a part of had matched up with another farming war clan like over 40 times in a row. It's pretty insane. Interested to see how it will turn out after the update.

  15. I was going to steal a Xbox but then the police said Wii U Wii U

  16. "I'll put the description in the link"
    Ash, 2016.

  17. Thanks Ash for the chat! It was a blast to talk Clan Wars with you

  18. Ash, I have a question. Do you think that this coming update is very critical because a lot of players are just waiting for this next update to stay on the game? I know a lot of players are starting to play other games because of the last update but still waiting for this update to have a reason to keep playing clash. To be honest a lot of them says farming is not fun anymore because of the last update, war is not fun because of mismatch (either you have a strong or weak opponent) and the war has very limited features (like war tournament and arrange match-up). Also do you think that the CEO of Supercell should will fire or sack the developer who say "no we cant do this feature" just like what Steve Jobs did to make Apple great?

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