Clash of Clans | “THE MAX ATTACK” OP ATTACK STRATEGY| TH 9 GoHo w/ 30 Hogs

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  1. stop swearing in your vids please

  2. Why would you make your name clash of clans with cam if your name is chris? Lol

  3. Cam i wanna join your clan plz dont closed 

  4. wow really i rekt a base in 49 secs

  5. I try it like 10times and it dont work i lost over 150trophys

  6. give credit where credit is due cam… at least link moskri's video

  7. wait. isn't hogs lvl 5 d max lvl?? in second attack it was showing not maxed

  8. I'm trying to find BarbariaNParade but I can't ?

  9. great attacks

  10. will this work on th7? like lvl 4 giants and lvl 2 hogs and some wiz and archers

  11. hey cam can you make a tutorial for gowipe attack strategy for th8 plss

  12. ur so cool

  13. Can i join your clan my name in clash of clan is ⭐️jorgha⭐️ i wanna join your clan im th 6 plz and just dont closed i wanna join your clan my troopie is 1000

  14. great strategy. cant wait to try it out, tho that would probably be a month later after i get my hogs and golems to level 5 and level 3 respectively :p

  15. hogs without heal spells…… no thanks

  16. does it work in th8

  17. Show us the anti three star th8 base in your next video?

  18. vietnamese clan again :v

  19. Nice atk stray but I'm sorry there is no such thing as a anti 3 star th8 base mine usually takes a th9 to beat but if an attacker is pretty good and knowledgeable on all the th8 atk strats they can take any base for 3

  20. Clash with Cam lucky!! (last vid)