Clash of Clans the Movie 2015 – Full Real Life & Animated Clash of Clans Movie

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  1. What does everyone think of my new intro?!?!?!


  3. If Clash of Clans made a movie, would you watch it?

  4. Desperate to win the war, an assortment of troops attack a train full of
    civilians, killing all of them. A lone wizard is seen having survived an
    assasination attempt via arrow, who then talks to himself in the mirror to
    try and justify the things he does. He then burns down a peaceful village
    before throwing a rabbit at the village, which explodes and causes
    catastrophic damage. A horde of barbarians are killed and a “Hog Rider”
    tries to escape once he sees skeletons. Another desperate attack on the
    human world, just before the “Hog Rider” from earlier is expelled into the
    air by a large spring device. A skeleton with feelings of regret charges
    into the mega fortress and sets off his bomb, killing him. Giants are shown
    destroying everything in their path, friend and foe alike. A captured Giant
    escapes killing half a dozen humans. As a goblin is left to die pinned to
    the ground by arrows. An innocent “P.E.K.K.A” is shown chasing after a
    butterfly, as the wizard continues to justify the killings. A barbarian
    attacks the human world and rides into battle, but is fatally wounded by a
    cannon. He betrays several of his skeleton friends, and is launched into a
    friendly giant, and rides back into battle to die. A skeleton named Larry
    destroys an archer tower, who shoots down a balloon that crashes into an
    elixir storage, where everyone is covered in the priceless liquid. This
    elixir clearly represents oil, with the attackers representing the USA,
    attacking defenseless nations for oil. A powerful film with a powerful
    message. TL; DR: it sux

  5. Why do you change he music when is the Barbirian freeloading on the

  6. These are not a movie just a short video….

  7. Clash Movie! I know I usually don’t do these vids but this turned out
    pretty decent

  8. That Intro Is ON POINT!
    Super Nice!
    MasterOv already uploaded this!
    I can’t believe you would destroy the community like that!
    Copying the best and most original clash of clans youtuber!

    UNSUB!!!!! DISLIKE!!!!!!!!

  9. *No troops were harmed in the making of this movie*

  10. Wait did the intro say LightNing Instead of Lighting :o

  11. Dammit Larry. You helped destroy an Elixir storage.

  12. In 1:36 in right is (possibly) eater egg what is finlands flag.

  13. Any one else see the witches staff flinch when is got hit by the elixir?

  14. 3:46 lol goblin clapping

  15. cool

  16. larry.. hero

  17. K den 

  18. Where’s dah hog rider but great job 

  19. whats the song at the beginning .. i hear it most often but never came
    across the name

  20. Lerry so cute 

  21. Clah of clans movie irl
    You must wait 5 hours for a dumb builder to put a carrot on your campfire

  22. I like it

  23. The wizard is so funny!?

  24. Lenaord is my favorite troop