Clash of Clans – The Vagizard attack! +Worlds highest farm raid!?

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  1. Vagizard though

  2. "vagizard"

  3. I am only th 5

  4. Vaginas have gizards?, lol good vid

  5. Love you, love the videos Spencer, glad to have  real attacker sharing tips and new attacks on youtube. Perfecting a TH9 varient for war now – never stop with the great content!

  6. Spencer I watch every major youtuber.  Your channel is the only one in which I watch every episode I can.  Keep up the excellent work!!

  7. Haha chicken

  8. could you do a th 9 gavizard guide

  9. Do you still help clans get started? If so how much do you charge?

  10. Has your new base been defending well?

  11. Spencer what about a farming clan for th 7 ?

  12. good job i gave up at 4156

  13. how do u turn on ur mirror. What?

  14. Hi:
    Why do u not utilize a (4 or 6) Wall Brealer?
    Seeeeeeend everyoneeeeeeee!!!
    Greetings from Mexico

  15. Spencer why don't you use air attacks?

  16. yay he isn't dead :)

  17. Go to 5000 trophies with galadon!

  18. lol what the hell

  19. Anyth8 anti-3 star base to show?pls spencer

  20. Nice vid spence!!