Clash of Clans- The Weirdest Bases in Clash *”ANTI-TROOP SPAWN BASE”*

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  1. Didn’t notice the flags that you could spawn shit in on. That was my bad,
    i’m an idiot.

  2. stop makin fun of my culture wif wierd accents pleas stahp or i unsubscrbe
    and dislik all of ur vidyos with my 1000 accounts bitch

  3. this base was probably to get trees on the outside ;)

  4. First base was so ugly 

  5. LOL he just wanted trees on the outside hahahaha

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  7. Well, the AI says the wall breakers should target the loose walls, ‘cos it
    tells them to target connected walls within a radius of 17 squares I think
    (about half the village), and if there is none, loose walls within that
    range, and if again there is none it extends the range

  8. Vote for your favourite Clash Of Clans
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  9. Been a sub sins 2 k no joke now we’re at over 60k? Well done man

  10. That was a shitty attack. He could have lured the CC with 2 barbarians, no
    need at all to 100% this base. Drop 1 troop each on the mines, collectors,
    TH on the top. Then the building on the side! Save your wallbreakers, save
    your giants, save your heroes health and just drop the rest if the barbs
    and archer to kill the barb king and get the 300K gold.
    Somehow I get angry if i see someone attacking so stupid lol

  11. On the first base you can deploy troops on the decorations.. Theres a big
    middle section that is open

  12. U can just spawn on the flags

  13. Love your vids dood, keep on posting

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    can you join my clan Gazzers blue and yellow icon peace out!

  15. Too many capital letters

  16. Please make your videos longer

  17. Wite, you’re a bitch! Your welcome! 

  18. +MYSTLC7 – Clash Of Clans dude u should drop to 0 trophies and do a zero
    to hero series and use different strats on ur way back up bro? just an
    idea. but keep up the good work bro im luvin the vids and congrats on 60k

  19. Hellll yeaaahhh, another upload!!

  20. i think he was trying to grow all of those trees around his base XD

  21. I found similiar base and raided it. I’m da man! xD

  22. You just confirmed it you’re peter17$!

  23. Good vid but you can spawn troops in decorations…

  24. Bruh 

  25. Make another town hall 8 farming base pls