Clash Of Clans | THIS HOG RIDER IS A BEAST!! | EPIC Max Hog Rider Challenges 2016!

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  1. keep it up

    see how much maps she could go through

  3. Hmmm
    One golem then the rest witches ;)

  4. whiches vs sherbert towers would be very clutch

  5. use hogs and golems

  6. how about a battle with a pekka and hog's

  7. I mean 6:55 puse the video

  8. All barbarian army!!!!!

  9. All Air Troops

  10. Look at the part in the video the king hog jumps over 3 walls at 4:55 and you will see

  11. I want you to play

  12. He said lvl 7

  13. Make a troll base then let Peale attack also show us.

  14. 1 golem and healers

  15. Yeah Tony please do all witch raid on sherbert

  16. Good VID!!!

  17. Nice job tony but please no clash royal videos

  18. I need hog riders level 6

  19. achers

  20. #PigsForDays

  21. I love the intro dude

  22. only one hog and the rest of the troops have to be healers in a live attack

  23. Pekka and hogs

  24. he said lvl 7 hog rider.

  25. Healers and goblins with only 1 rage spell on multiplayer

  26. can u plzz make cool and strong th 8 defense base?

  27. hagrid anfd harries/Giants and Wizards XD

  28. do bowler and healer

  29. do all pekka and 8 healers

  30. can i have some gems?

  31. can u do archers

  32. General tony I want that prize lol

  33. Just a question
    you work making videos?
    Because you must be winning almost nothing

  34. Hey tony love you so much wish I could see some more war attack btw no homo

  35. your a great YouTuber

  36. Try using some clash of clan attack stratgic in clash royale

  37. do a 10 valks wall breakers and all goblin combo.

  38. 1 of every troop and I mean every including bowlers

  39. What about immortal wallbreaker?

  40. I dont have gems only 500

  41. Please use 1 pekka and all healers

  42. tony go with every single trop against sherbet

  43. i want too see you attack with one valkirie ,all healers ,and all rage spells
    thank you :D