Clash of Clans: TITAN FARMING – 3 STAR LIKE A BOSS – Where are the Clouds?

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  1. If I got raided by Powerbang, I would watch it too.

  2. never cloudy at sc

  3. dude love the passion you bring across!

  4. i never noticed the clouds until titan 2 titan 3 isnt bad because you pull champions league players.

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  6. Hey PB!

  7. From Iraq …you are the best man ?

  8. hi PB! nice video man! i've just one question: i saw one of your stream on twitch and i LOVE your music and all your playlists. are you using spotify? is just possible to view those playlists? thank you and keep it up man!!

  9. Nice strat, any tips if you are TH11? Warden with aq walk or with BK and valks? Atm using bowlers with 6 healers but it's hard on DE… Good when farming those walls…

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  12. I'm hoping to one day battle with you guys in war

  13. low weight th9. level 21 queen. looking for a legit war clan

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  19. PB! Please ban these bots or something that like their own comments saying free gems.

  20. awesome video !

  21. i just love ur raids and war attks replays????

  22. Good luck today in the live stream! I'm sure you will do great, as always.

  23. Wow you're monster man, you absolutely wrecked these th10s even th11s. Gj

  24. Thanks so much. Been waiting for a no cc farm strategy.

  25. nice video powerbang do you gem your troops boost or just let them cook by their own time i know max heros will take a while to heal.and do you raid while you wait on heros to heal?

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  27. Keep doing clash of clans videos i love them!

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  36. you are gr8 Powerbang love watching your videos and learning

  37. whats your hashtag Powerbang

  38. Great video PB! Loved that live attack! So much skill ???

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  40. Great stuff, thank you for all your insight and explanation as you go, very helpful!

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  42. is there any changes in wall breaker? in this year

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  44. wow pb..its always pleasure to see farming stuffs from you bro…your are my favourite youtuber..keep it up bro..waiting for next war stuff.. :)

  45. Do you think that th10 is just now starting to get good? I think it's almost there! I'm Leary of moving up too soon and maybe miss out on great th10 play. What do u think?

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